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Medium rsz the list of things to do when you feel unmotivated at work
By: CarolynJune 27, 2016
The List Of Things To Do When You Feel Unmotivated At Work

All of us have been in a rut at our jobs that makes us feel like we can never get out. We don’t feel motivated to do the job at hand. How can we begin to fan the flames of motivation again to help our company be the best it can be? Some of these suggestions may help.

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Medium rsz tips to successfully participate in an online program
By: CarolynJune 13, 2016
Tips To Successfully Participate In An Online Program

Daily life is moving online every day. We shop online, we communicate online, we do our reading online, and the one thing that is growing in the fastest popularity, is online learning.
A professor reported that he told his online students, that had never experienced an online class, that it is the easiest type of class to fail. We asked him why, and his reply was, “because students don’t show up, or they are engrossed in social media while trying to juggle an online class.”

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Medium graduation traditions around the world
By: CarolynApril 18, 2016
Graduation Traditions around the World

Graduation is an important part of every student’s life because it marks the passage from one life chapter to the next. It’s a commemoration of every student’s success, after making it through the difficult projects and exams. It is also a milestone that sets the beginning of a new adventure, regardless if it’s furthering your studies or becoming “a man of the society” by seeking employment. You get to wear caps and gowns, and in some cases, even school trips are organized. This is usually what happens in the US when you graduate – keeping it fun and fancy all the way.

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Medium 8 secrets to write a better college essay
By: CarolynApril 13, 2016
8 Secrets to Write a Better College Essay

A college essay is an important matter for every student. Conducting an analysis of a study can show off both your knowledge and your writing skills. If you do not properly express your idea in writing, your point risks being lost somewhere along the way. Not to mention that upon reading your essay, a teacher can get a better sense of who you are and what’s your personality – because every essay has a style of its own and your style needs to be able to define you.

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Medium 6 things to do in between your college classes
By: CarolynApril 10, 2016
6 Things to Do In Between Your College Classes

As opposed to high school where your classes are consecutive, and then you’re free for the rest of the day, college is a pretty different matter. Classes are usually scheduled in such a way that you are left with some awkward gaps that you will need to fill one way or another. Also, you will have to make that time count. Here are some tips for activities that will help you fill those gaps.

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