Graduation Traditions around the World

Posted: April 18, 2016 - to StudyBy: Carolyn
Content graduation traditions around the world

Graduation is an important part of every student’s life because it marks the passage from one life chapter to the next. It’s a commemoration of every student’s success, after making it through the difficult projects and exams. It is also a milestone that sets the beginning of a new adventure, regardless if it’s furthering your studies or becoming “a man of the society” by seeking employment. You get to wear caps and gowns, and in some cases, even school trips are organized. This is usually what happens in the US when you graduate – keeping it fun and fancy all the way.

A Student Even When Graduating

As opposed to the US, various countries celebrate the moment of their graduation differently. Take, for instance, the Japanese people. They discard the caps and gowns for their regular school uniforms and engage in activities such as singing and going on marches around the school grounds. The timing is also different since they hold it in early spring (March) as opposed to the general May/June period of other countries.

Also, the myth that says Asians are the most studious of them all has been busted by the Germans. Even when they have to graduate, students still have to take a final exam called the Abitur. They will need it not only to get admitted to their university of choice but also to receive apprenticeships. Their graduation ceremonies are not elaborate, keeping them on a very basic level because they have to study.

Making Your Graduation Unforgettable

If you are a party animal that loves celebrations, you would also definitely love being part of a graduation ceremony in Norway. And the best part of it all is that it doesn’t last a day – it lasts a whole month! School activities are organized the entire time, students competing for titles such as “bus of the year” and “best sound system”. Not to mention that students spend their last month doing some heavy partying with their friends and turn it into a time they’ll remember – for most parts.

Chinese people are also doing their best to make graduation a day to remember. Since parents don’t usually come to any graduation ceremonies, students are free to do whatever they want without worrying that the activity might be embarrassing in front of their parents. By celebrating just among classmates, Chinese students still make their graduations spectacular. In recent years, female students discarded the caps and the gowns and opted for a rented wedding dress instead – because what’s the best way to go than wearing a fancy white dress that already symbolizes the most important part of your life?

Graduation from Unique Angles

On the other hand, Argentina students are on the other extreme. Their graduation traditions involve ketchup pelting, syrup or any other sticky foods. Basically, anything can be thrown at them as long as it’ll stick. What’s better than being a sticky mess at the end of your most important day, right?

Italy also has similar mean-looking graduation ceremonies, which most of the time involves public (but loving) hazing from friends and family. Apparently, like the Argentineans, graduation is some sort of endurance test that they’ll have to take on. Graduates will have to wear costumes, and the well-wishers will be taking turns in humiliating the happy graduate. Of course, this will involve liquid and food throwing at them, just like the Argentineans.

Thailand is also unique in its own way because public universities usually have a special guest which hands out the degrees. Those guests are members of the royal family, giving the ceremony a royal, exquisite touch.   

Long story short, graduation is a special time for every student that needs to be made memorable. Whether you have to wear a cap and gown, a wedding dress or a sticky coat, you will definitely still remember it in the years to come. 

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