The List Of Things To Do When You Feel Unmotivated At Work

Posted: June 27, 2016 - to StudyBy: Carolyn
Content rsz the list of things to do when you feel unmotivated at work

All of us have been in a rut at our jobs that makes us feel like we can never get out. We don’t feel motivated to do the job at hand. How can we begin to fan the flames of motivation again to help our company be the best it can be? Some of these suggestions may help.

Develop Passion for Your Career

There is an old saying, “if you don’t like it, don’t do it.” ~Unknown

Two men had always been passionate about creating peace in the world, and deciding to start a business didn’t stop their passion. They had seen how businesses could get in the habit of taking people for granted and they didn’t want to bring that to the world through their business. They wanted to be able to give back to the community and make a reasonable profit at the same time. This passion led to creating a product that people love all over the world, Ben & Jerry’s ice-cream. This company was built because of their passion and still holds that start-up—level passion even today. The company’s passion is attributed to their employees’ dedication to the Ben & Jerry’s mission statement.

You can also develop the type of passion that employees at Ben & Jerrys have for its product. Become determined to seek new and creative ways of enhancing that passion from the time you arrive at your job till you clock out. Help to keep your colleagues dedicated to the mission by beginning and forming connections with them that return success. When you are this type of leader in your company it motivates you to do more as you motivate your co-workers to do more.

Passion for the mission of your company makes every associates work that much easier. Passion is vital to your success. It invigorates, it provides purpose, and it focuses and shapes your work. It fulfills and provides value and worth to what you do. It makes a job not a job, but a life’s work.

Passion isn’t a part of your training at a job; it’s found inside of the individual. You must reach inside your own being and discover what there is about your place in the company that you can be passionate about, and do it. What part of the company engages you, motivates you? Do It. Knowing what you are good at and pursuing it is what will bank those flames of passion and enhance your motivation for the job.


Greet you colleagues with a smile, and your customers too. This will go a long way in influencing how much motivation you feel. Walk into a meeting and change a somber tone with a smile, it never fails. You never know what is going on with the person sitting next to you that seems to be in a funk, try smiling and asking how is their day going. You will motivate them to smile also. Let us know what happens.

The most important thing about a smile is it is not for you. It is for the person that sees it. Then it makes you feel better afterwards. Don’t just try it at work, try it at home, you may see some shocked faces but that’s okay, if you keep it up your home life will become a happier place also.

Mid-day Blues

Do you find that your motivation gets into a slump by mid-day on the job? You are not alone. It is reported that the mid-day blues are finding its way into offices all over the world. Try this. Instead of having an enormous lunch, or running across the street for a mid-day drink. Take a walk to clear your head from the tasks of the morning and set out your plan for your afternoon. List in your head as you walk how you are going to prioritize the things on your desk. By the time you get back to work, have some fruit and yogurt, or any light lunch. This tip really works. You have stretched your legs, and your mind, so the motivation flows.

Rearrange Your Office

Whether you work in an office building or at home, redoing where you work is always a great motivator. You will be getting rid of things that you don’t use any longer, freeing up space literally, and in your mind. Buy a plant to fill up that empty space or a new piece of small furniture. Frame a new picture that you have still sitting on your hard drive or phone, and set it on your desk. After you are done you will be able to breathe easier as the ideas begin to churn the wheels of motivation once again.

This and many other ideas are available to help you motivate you, but the best thing you could do is to let your boss know that you would probably like to do something different in the company, maybe you have just been doing the same projects too long and you need a change of pace.


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