Each time a client places an order on EssayKittens.com, he or she accepts all of the following conditions of this disclaimer, without exception:

Use of Product

Any piece of paper you receive - such as examples and samples of research or writing - which is not your final product, cannot be presented as your work. You only have all the copyrights of the final draft you approve.

Customer Contact

When you provide your contact details to EssayKittens.com, it is your responsibility to send us accurate information. Otherwise, you may receive the paper with a delay or, even worse - we won’t be able to do the delivery. In these instances, our company is not responsible for these issues.

Cancellation of an Order

In some cases, you may decide to cancel an order after you have already made the payments. For these situations, we apply the following conditions:

  • You will receive a refund based upon the current progress made regarding your order. This means that if your paper has already been assigned to a writer and he or she has started working on it, the amount of money you will receive back is calculated according to the amount of work done.
  • If you ask for a refund, and you receive it, you can use it to pay a future order if you wish.

Use of Resources

Each time a writer is assigned a paper, he or she will use the most relevant and recent resources that are appropriate for your project, or that you ask for. If you are required to use some specific materials for your paper, but our writers don’t detain them and don’t have free access to them, you have two options:

  • You can simply upload the required material on your account page, and the writer will use this information for completing your order.
  • If you don’t have access to the needed resources, you can choose to pay an additional charge for the information you require. The fee consists of the costs of obtaining the particular material for your paper.

If a delay of the final product occurs because you were not able to provide your writer the needed materials or resources, EssayKittens.com is not responsible for this.

Providing Instructions regarding the Order

The customer is responsible for providing detailed instructions regarding the order when placing it. You must fill in the order form and add any additional instructions if necessary. If the assigned writer needs more details, he or she will promptly contact you. You have the responsibility to respond immediately and provide the required information. Otherwise, the delivery of your final draft may be delayed.

Plagiarism-Free Clause

Our writers must produce only original content, and they are not allowed to copy any piece of writing. We scan each paper before sending it to you to check it for plagiarism, and this part is included in the initial price. If you discover any plagiarism, we will do any revision for free.

Technology Issues

Our company is not reliable or responsible for technical and electronic failures, and the issues triggered by them. Also, we do not take responsibility for any issues aroused because of your Internet provider.


EssayKittens.com is given the permission to charge your credit card for the payment of the order each time you place one on our website. The payment will be for the full value of the order.

Delivery Delays

Each time we accept an order, we also accept the deadline you set. But in the following circumstances, we are not liable or responsible for any delays in the delivery:

  • Your billing information is not verifiable, and you don’t respond immediately to our verification request.
  • Your writer asks you some pieces of information or details, but you respond too late, or you don’t respond at all.
  • You demand significant changes to the initial instructions; this could also lead to late delivery.

The Academic Level of the Customer

You must specify your correct academic level when placing an order so that your paper will meet the required standards. If you don’t do this, you may have to pay an extra charge for revision.

Customer Support Department

EssayKittens.com offers customer support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We answer your calls and put you in touch with the support staff that is able to help you. If you notice any problem with your delivery, contact the Customer Support Department as soon as possible.

Binding Laws

You are responsible for abiding by local, state, and territory statutes regarding online purchases and the use of academic writing services.

Privacy Policy

You can rest assured that EssayKittens.com never reveals any information related to the customer or his/her personal details to any person outside the company.

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