Tips To Successfully Participate In An Online Program

Posted: June 13, 2016 - to StudyBy: Carolyn
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Daily life is moving online every day. We shop online, we communicate online, we do our reading online, and the one thing that is growing in the fastest popularity, is online learning.

A professor reported that he told his online students, that had never experienced an online class, that it is the easiest type of class to fail. We asked him why, and his reply was, “because students don’t show up, or they are engrossed in social media while trying to juggle an online class.”

When a student chooses to attend one or two online classes in addition to his or her brick and mortar classes, this does not seem to cause too much dysfunction in the learning process. It is when the entire class experience is online that many students are finding it hard to accomplish continuity.

Here are some tips that may lighten your experience and show you how to be successful with your online program of study.


When we are at home, it gives us a sense of relaxation. For this reason, many freelancers and successful online students suggest that when you work at home, make a space that is strictly for office use. Do not have a television in that space, although many computers now have the capability of streaming live television, excluding one in that space gives you less distractions from your class.


There is usually a list of your classmates that are sharing the same class portal. Get to know your classmates. Start with an introduction. Although you may not see them f2f (face to face) as in a regular classroom, getting to know them gives you a sense of accountability to the classroom structure. You will be given many chances, depending on your instructor, to have discussions with your classmates so that you can comment on the assignments. Through these discussions you can get valuable information on how others think. Students have reported that many times while writing essays for the class, they were able to use these online discussions to help them think more clearly about what they were going to write.


Although we call paper mail, snail-mail, when anyone is bombarded with multiple e-mails, it too can become harder to reach everyone as quickly as we would like. Give your professors time to get back to you when attending an online class, and your classmates if you are corresponding with them, if you do receive an answer within 2-4 hours, then repeat your request.

The Graphic Interface

You must make sure that you are familiar with the software the class will be using. Before the class begins, log on to the website given to make sure that you are able to click around in there and bring up any files that are available. If your laptop or phone is not optimized to utilize online portals such as Canvas, be prepared to use the schools’ computer lab for your class or the local library. But you should establish this connect way before the first day of class. It will be harder for you if you find out late that you cannot run videos that are sometimes included in online classes.

Do Your Own Work

A student reports that she had to take a math class over because she made the mistake of allowing her boyfriend to do the work assigned by her Professor during the semester. What she didn’t take into consideration was that the final was going to be a departmental final and she failed. She learned a hard lesson that you do not have to suffer through if you just do your own work. Ethics people!

Pace Yourself

If you are given fifty pages to read in one week, and then the assignment of writing an essay when you are done, as soon as the assigned reading is posted, begin by doing at least 8-10 pages a night/day. If you wait until the last minute, you will find yourself skimming over your pages and turning in minimal work and getting minimal grades. Spark notes are only good for one thing, low-grade papers, because professors are looking at the spark note pages also.


Unforeseen occurrences befall everyone. In the event that something comes up and your papers or assignments are going to be late, communication is key to keeping your Professor happy with your performance. Remember they are human and understand when things come up. Professors are there to make sure that your academic future succeeds. When you look good, they look good. So keep the communication lines open at all times, it shows them that you are considerate enough to contact them about your issue.

As online classes continue to take over for the brick and mortar types, we will increasingly find what works for the masses as well as for individuals. Keep checking back for more!

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