Top 10 Travel Blogs for Students to Be Inspired

Posted: May 10, 2016 - to Study
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When you’re in the midst of endless nights of studying and essay writing, it can seem like there is nothing else left in the world. Your existence is limited by this immense workload, which can only be lightened through hiring an academic writing service, but which otherwise continues to press upon you, without any chance of escape. Finals week is particularly difficult, and after you’ve racked your brain for so many different ideas, it can seem like you are left woefully uninspired.

What you need is a break, even if it ends up being virtual. Stop studying, hire an academic writing service to do your work, pack your bags and do your best to identify your ideal destination. Don’t have any idea where you want to head to? Well, that’s not something you can cheat on… or is it? For your entertainment an inspiration, and for a well-deserved break from all that grueling studying, feast your eyes on some travel blogs to delight and inspire you.

Lonely Planet

Lonely Planet is probably the most famous travel website in the world. You won’t find anyone who is unfamiliar with the name, and you know why? Because it’s the one-stop-shop for anything related to travel. Lonely Planet contains information about any destination and all the different aspects of traveling, including inspiration articles, which makes it perfect for students.

Nomadic Matt

If you look for travel blogs and tops of any kind, Nomadic Matt is going to show up on most of those lists. Matt is an avid traveller who is able to give valuable information and can write quite insightful blog posts. Far from offering just presentations of the different countries he’s been to, he is also able to be thought-provoking and inspiring.

The College Tourist

The quintessential student travel blog, The College Tourist, as you may have already guessed, is written entirely by college students. The information provided on the site is constructed by bits and pieces contributed by students all around the world, from various universities, who go on travel abroad experiences in all corners of the world.

Adventure Journal

Adventure Journal is exactly what it sounds like – the documentation of various adventures around the world, in the (virtual) company of various fascinating people. You accompany them mountain climbing, backpacking through Europe, camping across America, and who knows what other exciting things – that’s for you to discover.

Budget Traveller

Let’s play some word association – when I say student, you say the first word that comes to mind: budget! All students are more or less strapped for cash, so the Budget Traveller is The blog to follow for adventures on the cheap. Destinations, accommodation, food and drink, but also travel tips – they’re all available on the website.

Globe Trotter Girls

Globe Trotter Girls are nothing if not inspiring. Travelling alone as a woman can be dangerous or difficult, but they do it with flair and style and have been at it for 6 years, now. Like other useful sites, you don’t only get guides for specific locations, but also general tips and a lot of advice about travelling cheaply or even for free: hello, housesitting!

Classe Touriste

Classe Touriste is not your typical I-went-to-Rome-once-I’m-such-a-traveler blog. No, no, this one is legit impressive, because it presents places that not everyone ventures to explore. North Korea, Antarctica, and other remote locations are at your fingertips for ultimate travel inspiration.

Along Dusty Roads

A Latin-American-centric blog, Along Dusty Roads is written by a London couple who was craving adventure. They spent two years backpacking through Latin America, and they have the blog posts to prove it! If you’re looking for inspiration, it doesn’t get more inspiring than two people who left their lives behind for two years, in search of adventure.

Twenty-Something Travel

As the name says, Twenty-Something Travel is geared towards twenty-somethings, so basically… you. You can find valuable advice, plenty of resources, destination ideas, tips and tricks… everything you could need to plan your trip, pack up, and go.

Eat This Poem

This one is a different kind of blog, in that it’s a travel blog, but with a twist: it features bookstores, restaurants, coffee shops and any other place where one could read, write, and be inspired. Written by writers for writers, the only way Eat This Poem could be more student-friendly is if it wrote your homework for you, like an academic writing service.

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