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When you have to complete a task such as writing a research proposal, you may come across numerous obstacles. First, the term may sound so unfamiliar to you, that you don’t even know where you should begin. This aspect may give you a headache, but you have to know that submitting a successful research proposal is not an impossible goal. 

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Writing a Research Proposal – A complex task

When you have to complete a task such as writing a research proposal, you may come across numerous obstacles. First, the term may sound so unfamiliar to you, that you don’t even know where you should begin. This aspect may give you a headache, but you have to know that submitting a successful research proposal is not an impossible goal.

Research project proposal definition

This task can be defined through its goals. This means that it has to present the necessity of a new study or a new approach to a research problem, and explain how this can be useful, especially if we are talking about research project proposal. Additionally, you have to let your audience know the resources that you have studied and why your project is a good idea.

When it comes to academic research proposal, such as that required for a dissertation, the goal of the paper is to ensure your professors and audience that you have already done thorough research regarding your topic, and you know what other studies or papers have revealed about your subject. The research proposal must also convince your audience that you have identified a scientific problem, and you have the necessary backgrounds and resources to propose a realistic solution to it.

Why does your professor assign this type of papers?

Generally, professors may assign a research proposal even if you don’t need to deliver a dissertation anytime soon. But why?

One of the main reasons is to improve your research skills because you are supposed to study a multitude of scientific resources. Writing skills can also be enhanced by such a task, as you need to compose an academic paper, following certain patterns and formatting.

A research proposal is also meant to teach you how to handle or organize a comprehensive review of several academic sources. Writing a research proposal can develop your logical skills and boost your academic inquisitiveness.

A quick outline for a successful paper

No matter if you need a Ph.D. research proposal or a research project proposal, the following guideline may help you organize your ideas so that you convince your audience, but also to respect the well-known research proposal format:

  • Title – concise, but also descriptive
  • Abstract – a short summary of your paper – around 300 words, in which you should mention the research question, your hypothesis, the method(s) used and the main findings.
  • Introduction – try to get the attention of your audience by placing the research question in a context that is interesting and fresh. Usually, the introduction should also present the rationale of your study. Include a description of the major problems and state your theory. If you find it necessary, you can also explain here the key concepts from your paper.
  • Literature review – this section provides your professors the evidence of your thorough study and reveals important details regarding your abilities to synthesize and comprehend the useful resources for your paper. You are advised to use subheadings in order to organize this section better.
  • Methods – you need to choose your methods according to your paper’s type: qualitative or quantitative research proposal.
  • Results – as this is only a Ph.D. research proposal or a research project proposal, you don’t have the results yet, but you can talk about the expected results as you already know what approach and methods you would use.
  • Discussion – this is your last chance to convince your audience of the potential impact and the significance of your study, so be enthusiastic. However, don’t exaggerate and talk about your study’s limitations, too.

Mistakes you should avoid

Unfortunately, many students make a lot of mistakes when writing such an elaborate paper. This may be perfectly fine if you just want to improve your academic skills, such as writing, logical competencies, but not when we are talking about your Ph.D. research proposal or about an important research project proposal you have to present for the company you work. In these cases, mistakes could lead to undesired consequences and may affect the success of your career.

  • Lack of organization and/or structure
  • Repeating the same ideas over and over again
  • Not citing influential articles
  • Citing irrelevant papers
  • Failing to propose an approach which considers recent developments
  • Not staying focused on your research question
  • Presenting in detail minor issues, but not the major ones
  • Not respecting the APA style

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