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Writing speeches on success, for example, demand someone who has been successful to enable the speech to be credible and empathetic. A speech writer who is faking it or does not come across as sincere will be shown up in seconds as soon as the speech is read.

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Speech Writing: Talk Is Cheap - Well Almost …

Speech writing is something that fills most of us with dread. The thought of standing up in public and making people laugh, (and cry) is frightening and, undoubtedly, a job for actors or Presidents!

Not necessarily. The crux of it is simply having confidence in the worth of our written speeches. If good speech writing could be bottled and sold, it would fetch a good price. Speech writers are a special breed; they know about timing, how to create a mood, how to put across an anecdote; and persuasive speech writing can sell anything to anyone.

Speech Writer - What’s The Occasion?

The perennial “favourite” when it comes to speeches is the wedding speech. These are undertaken by the groom, the best man and the father of the bride, and we can all think of the best and worst of these that we have witnessed! The best are usually droll, have lots of content and anecdotes, a sprinkling of jokes, and some meaningful quotes or observations. The worst of them ramble, have no humor, (or jokes that fall flat) no reminiscence, and badly thought out sayings or nothing at all.

At a wedding, the audience is usually good-humoured, and the majority of people know the person making the speech. This is not the case with business or academic speeches.

These may have to be given in a variety of circumstances and to an audience which may be hostile or indifferent to the subject being presented or to the speaker giving it. This is where the content of the speech can make all the difference. If it can grab the audience's attention and hold it, it can allay that antipathy and bring a crowd round, if done well enough.

Business speeches can be tricky. Here you do not know your audience, and although they may know your product or service they will almost certainly not know you. We have all seen Steve Jobs standing in front of his acolytes and launching the latest “i” gadget - he makes it look so easy.

His secret is easy; he knows his subject, he speaks with passion, he knows his audience and what they expect of his product and because of this his speech is known to be authoritative, original and comes from the heart. This is what we aim for at EssayKittens.com and we will ask you lots of questions to get to know exactly what type of speech will work best for you - and more imortantly - your audience.

Writing A Speech - A Tough Call

Given all the above you can see that you would have to be a brave person indeed to take on writing a speech by yourself if you have never done one before.

Even Presidents, Prime-Ministers and Popes have speech writers who prepare their speeches for them, so there is certainly no shame in seeking speech writing help.

There is a whole industry which has built up around help with speech writing and speech writing services and from whom custom speech writing can be bought.

Companies can be found by simply “googling,” ‘write my speech for me,’ ‘help me write a speech,’ or ‘write a speech for me’.

Putting in such terms will bring up hundreds of speech writing service companies offering speech writing online; some even offering speeches off the shelf which you can then adapt to your own circumstances.

We at EssayKittens.com do not subscribe to such practices. Our speech writing services are bespoke, and each and every speech is original and composed specifically for the individual commissioning it. We take a huge pride in this aspect of our business, and many clients return to us many times over because of the efforts we make when they buy a speech from us.

Writing A Speech For You And You Alone

EssayKittens.com is one of a number of speech help services which can be found on review websites such as Trustpilot, Sitejabber, Glassdoor, and Manta. Just get in touch with your chosen company’s customer services department and they will advise you about costs, deadlines and anything else that you need to know about engaging their services.

EssayKittens.com has a 24/7 customer service team which are available via a toll-free telephone number, email address and a live chat line. They deal with speechwriting queries constantly, and will give you a price based on the length of the speech, the purpose of the speech and the amount of time that there is to prepare it properly. Our prices are very reasonable and comparable with any of the top essay and speech writing sites available in the marketplace.

One they have answered your ‘write my speech’ enquiries they  will put you in touch with one of our hand-picked speech writers. The writers will then liaise with you throughout the process of writing your speech, asking questions to clarify points, and to get your approval of any contentious, or possibly upsetting passages. They will also run the jokes past you first of course!

We pride ourselves on our speech writers, and on their ability to execute persuasive speech writing, humorous speech writing, or any other subject matter or topic on which you need to have a speech written.

You will have the confidence to be able to stand up on the stage or podium safe in the knowledge that the speech that you are about to regale your audience with, ticks all of the boxes when it comes to their reaction

Don’t take any chances with your reputation by skimping on speech writing help - when you are standing in front of that throng of people who are hanging on every word - you will be so glad you didn’t! EssayKittens.com - We Know What We Are Talking About

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