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The writing of any kind of work is taxing and difficult. Making notes, assimilating it all, typing it out, spell checking it and then, finally, getting it to look great on paper or the screen of your computer. Nothing looks worse than a poorly presented piece of written work. 

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Text Formatting - Set It Up Will You?

If you have taken the trouble to get the copy right, you owe it to yourself to make it look good too. Back in the early days of computing and desktop printers, it was fairly easy to organise text formatting and layouts yourself.

With the advent of the new word processing programs as standard, came a new level of complication - it is now a nightmare to find your way around the various underline commands, font sizes, styles, and colors; highlighting the texts; and using the bold, italic, underline, and change the cases commands- - to name but a few - if you are unfamiliar with them. It takes hours of practice and lots of trial and error to become skilled at formatting a document.

That is fine if you have time to play around with the programs and find out how they work but with Open Office, doc.x, Word, Mac, Drive and all the other product combinations and variations and updates - who has the time?

Formatting a Document - Dress To Impress

Formatting your paper, formatting essays or, indeed, doing any formatting document-wise is not cost effective if you are not well versed in the mechanics of the skill.

You can waste an awful lot of effort and time altering one thing, when paragraph formatting, for example, only to find that the thing you have altered has, in turn, changed something else that you had not intended. Does that sound familiar?

Professional formatting by an online formatting service may well be the answer to your prayers. Formatting paper documents, as well as on-screen copy, is a cinch to a formatting service like ours at

Our highly skilled and expert formatting personnel are adept at all “types” of text formatting. Whether you are looking to tidy up that essay, business report, book submission or powerpoint slide or emailer, our formatting service will save you time - and that, in turn, will save you money!

Money is not the only consideration, though; look at this list:

Add Objects

  • Font
  • Styles
  • Alignment and Spacing
  • Bullets and Number
  • Borders and Shading
  • Document

Microsoft Excel for Mac panels:

Add Objects

  • Font
  • Number
  • Bullets and Number
  • Borders and Shading
  • Page Setup

Microsoft PowerPoint for Mac panels:

Add Objects

  • Font
  • Change Slides

That is just a random look at a standard word processing menu page - and that is not the advanced version either - if you are not familiar with these terms and their usage, it will drive you insane trying to work out how to to set up you page the way you want it.

Help - Formatting Service Needed was set up to provide exactly this kind of service and, although ostensibly created to serve the educational and academic market, we have numerous business, legal and commercial clients who use our online formatting service regularly.

Formatting a paper is especially difficult for those for whom English is not a first, or even second, language. There are nuances of layout and paragraphing with line breaks and so on which need a degree of English understanding to give the writing the finesse that it needs.

Our highly trained and professional team process thousands of documents each week and are familiar with, and highly proficient at, all of the word processing and writing programs worldwide. They are able to convert and transfer any proprietary format to another and emulate and reproduce some that are not so well known. The expertise here has been developed over years of dealing with students from almost every country in the world and learning the requirements, quirks and tricks of each.

This means that your piece of work will be in safe hands throughout its journey from an unorganised mess into a well presented and impressive paper.

To find out more call our 24/7, toll-free telephone number or our email or chat line and talk to our award-winning, customer service department. They will run you through the ins and outs of sorting out your formatting problems and will be able to give you an idea of the costs and complications involved. Formatting, editing, and proofreading go hand in hand really so it is possible that you may have extra work which may need doing before your document can be properly formatted.

Our team will give you all the options available to you and explain about the timescale necessary for your document preparation and the sort of professional formatting on offer. We can accommodate a large miscellany of work and can meet most deadlines demanded of us. Formatting your paper can be done in any of the standard forms such as “MLA” format or “APA” style and if you have one which is not “standard” in format, we can advise on these too.

Prices depend on the number of pages to be formatted and the length of time available for your document preparation and the sort of professional formatting on offer. We can accommodate a large miscellany of work and can meet most deadlines demanded of complete the work. Coupled with the academic level of the paper and the level of alterations needed the price we charge is one of the best in the marketplace.

Payment is easy as we accept most major credit cards and PayPal on our secure, and simple to use, order form.

So, what are you waiting for? If you want your paper looking it’s best, and to impress the reader with style and layout, you now know where to come - EssayKittens offers Professional Formatting For You!

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